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The No More Night Mares Legend - A Dream of Freedom
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The No More Night Mares Legend - A Generation of Hope

The Night Mares Legacy

The sky above us is a never-ending story. It is always expanding and constantly changing. It fills us with wonder, stirs our imagination and listens to the whispers of our dreams. It fills us with childlike hope and makes us believe that anything is possible.

In the night sky there are ancient mysteries and legends untold. In the land below there are heroes and dreamers that find their calling and destiny in the magic of the stars. This is the ongoing legend of a noble black stallion Eclipse, his brave Night Mares, a resilient foal and a little girl’s dream. Their courage and deeds were destined to change the fate of man and horse forever and create a legacy of hope.

In a forgotten time, the mighty stallion Eclipse and his colorful herd roamed the land. The powerful black horse was brave and mysteriously beautiful, as if reflecting the magic of the moon. He had lived through danger many times and had looked defiantly into the faces of the two-legged hunters. One unforgettable chase changed his destiny and that of his herd forever.

Pursued for hours, he and his three strongest mares, Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars, had led the hunters away from his herd. At a moment of truth, when he and the mares reached the edge of the cliff with no hope in sight, the sky answered his courage. The forces of nature and the spirits of Eclipse's ancestors called to the mares to gallop upon the mist into the night sky to join the stars in the Pegasus constellation.

The fate of the mares destined them to protect the horses and the innocents in the land below and to share their power with anyone who believed in them and shared their dream. The mares remain in the sky until a day will come that they are no longer needed to protect the land below. Some day, they will run freely again, with their long tails and manes whispering to the wind their happiness to feel the earth beneath their hooves.

Changes in the Herd

Many seasons passed for Eclipse and they brought changes to the wild herd. He watched his young foals grow up and move on to find new lives and adventures. There was pride and sorrow in leading a herd. His son, Moonshadow, the foal of his lead Night Mare, Moonbeam, had passed the test of a young stallion and had claimed a herd and family of his own.

Eclipse continued to be as powerful as he was in his youth and challenged a bay stallion to win his small herd, and had added strong new mares to his band. His heart ached for his three mares, Comet, Moonbeam and Lucky Stars that had faced danger at his side many moons ago. They pranced above him in the night sky, lighting a path for his herd, and came in the night mist to warn him of danger. He longed for the day when they could rejoin his thundering herd below.

Eclipse looked around lovingly at all of the new life that was filling his land. Two young foals had been born and the herd was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a third. Lightning, a black mare with a white lightning bolt streaking down her face, had boldly taken the place of the lead mare in the herd. She was fiery in spirit, strong willed and had a brave heart. Lightning's long-legged, soft, dark brown filly tried to share her mother's passion for life and raced and challenged her playfully. The filly wore her mark; a white heart brushed her face for the world to see.

Yet, the mare knew instinctively, and the herd sensed that this foal had a strong spirit but a weak body. She tired easily. The night of the filly's birth, her mother knew something was wrong, watching her foal struggling much too long to get up and stand on her long, wobbly legs. Her mother looked up into the sky and with all of her being, pleaded to give her foal the strength she needed to live. The Night Mares heard her in the sky above and sent a message of hope, as a shooting star raced across the black background. Shooting Star was named at that moment. Eclipse was especially watchful and protective of this precious foal.

Another high-spirited mare, a reddish dark brown with black tail, mane and markings, had given him a young colt that was a light buckskin color with a big splash of white on his face. It looked as though he had spilled his mother's milk all over him. Milky Way was the picture of health and strength as he galloped and leaped beside his mother, Sunrise.

The Watcher

Many other animals shared the hills, the valleys and the water of the herd. Some were hunters, others were the hunted and one was a watcher. A small girl with clear eyes that reflected the sky sat in the tall grass in the distance. The girl's eyes sparkled and twinkled with joy as she absorbed every movement of the herd. Her eyes wore her soul. They changed like the sky, from darker to light, misty to clear, sparkling to dim and faded and so it became her name.
Sky lay down quietly on the soft yellow earth and allowed the sunlight to warm her soiled, little face. As the grass gently tickled her she spread her arms out, and stretched her bony fingers, making herself as big as she could possibly be. She lay there waiting for the rush of thunder. She could anticipate the herd was about to move. The horses could sense a strange scent in the land and their flight sent tremors through the earth below them. She could feel the ground tremble through her blood with an exciting, wild cry. When it was over, Sky sat up and looked off into the distance. Her heart ached for the sight of the wild herd, but they had vanished. She felt alone and scared when they were out of her range of vision. Her family, her clan, did not speak to her heart like the herd did. The wild horses called to her spirit in a magical way that she had never known. She could not explain this love in mere words. It was living so deep inside of her, it felt bottomless.

Sky whinnied into the wind for her herd to come back. She could imitate any sound, any movement they made. She galloped, snorted, trotted, nickered and rolled in the dirt like any other four-legged horse; only she was a smaller, odd shaped, two-legged one. When she ran mimicking their rhythmic movement, felt her wild hair flying freely behind, she believed she understood the magic of being a horse.

Sky stayed on the hill until the last rays of sunlight started to fade. She saw the sky above her change to layers of pink and blue. She watched and waited for the herd's return. She knew the darker the night sky became, the more luminous and magical the herd appeared. This herd had the powers of the moon and the stars on its side. Stars appeared and she knew she should return to the safety of her home, her family. Sky felt something calling her from far away, a million hills away. She felt as though she couldn't leave, that something important was going to happen. Sky closed her eyes and imagined the return of the herd. As she opened them, the stars reflected their twinkling in her eyes. She saw familiar shapes in the distance as the herd moved towards her. The mist rising from the earth made the herd appear like a dream, filled with shades of light and dark, instead of the earthy colorful coats of the sunlight.

From the sky above, the Night Mares could see the land and the herd clearly. They could see the past, the present and the future through the mist. Everything became still and filled the moment. Their rays of light and hope reached down and gently touched the young girl. They could feel her love, her kindred spirit. A new era was about to unfold between humans and horses. A bond would be formed on this night that would last for generations, a bond of love and unity for humans and horses.

The Gift

Sometimes, for a great change to take place, there must be great sacrifice. Nature knows and accepts this. Lightning, the black, fearless mare, would face her greatest challenge of all on this night. She would be forced to make a choice, between fear and trust. Her weak, sickly foal would face great difficulty in surviving the elements and dangers that confronted the herd. The hunters, wolves and the coming severe winters would challenge her physically. Lightning knew this in her heart, and so did the Night Mares above. Once again they must help rescue the foal.
The Night Mares galloped down from the mist in the sky and bowed their heads to Lightning in acknowledgment of her sacrifice and her gift. They whinnied softly to the dark brown filly with a heart on her face. A choice of life and death was to be made. Safety, love and a chance at life were waiting for her in the hills above them. It would take a brave heart to find the courage to start a new life without her mother and the herd. Lightning softly nuzzled her foal, licking her and nickering wisdom, comfort and everlasting love. Then Lightning reared and snorted, and called upon the power of the life within her heart and pleaded to the night sky. The sound bolted wildly across the land and filled the herd with awe. They watched as a piece of Lightning's spirit and heart passed into the young filly. They were united forever as one. Distance could not change the power of the gift. The herd gathered around Shooting Star and each whinnied farewell and sniffed and nuzzled her. Eclipse nuzzled Shooting Star one last time, but understood better than any of the others, the meaning of courage and sacrifice. A piece of the herd was moving on.

The Night Mares trotted softly in the mist, leading the young filly to her new life. The herd watched with a mixture of sadness, pride and hope. Through the tall soft grass, they traveled to a new world.

Dreams Come True

Sitting quietly, Sky was held in a dream world, half awake, half asleep. She could see and feel movement and hear familiar whinnies through the mist. She stretched out her arms and reached out her fingers, trying to make herself bigger. She wished as hard as she could that just once, she could reach out and touch the soft hair on the horses faces. She would ache to smell them up close. She reached out and filled herself with hope.

Her imagination rushed and her fingers tingled with excitement as her destiny touched her. She could feel something, smell something, and when she opened her eyes she saw her own heart looking back at her. It was on the soft, white heart on the face of the most beautiful creature she had ever seen. As if still in a dream, she was surrounded by three magical mares that seemed to float on the mist. The Night Mares whinnied softly to the young girl and she understood the meaning of the gift. The lights in their eyes seemed strangely familiar and reminded her of a far off place. She was not sure if this was a dream or reality. When the soft, fuzzy foal nudged her again, she knew whatever it was, it was magic. The night wind stopped in its path and the moon looked down to share in the moment. The quiet moment was beautiful and brief.


The Night Mares seemed to vanish and reappear with the herd below, causing a great thrill and excitement. The sky shifted and so did the herd. Sky watched and instinctively knew from the movement of Lightning and Eclipse that danger was coming. The prized wild herd was being hunted. They galloped off into the mist under the light of the moon. Eclipse's valiant whinny echoed through the night.

Sky knew of a cave nearby and led the foal, her gift, to safety. The two lay together, keeping each other warm, hearing each other's heart beat. Through the darkness, the white heart on the gentle face seemed to shine. "That's what I will name you, Wild Heart," she whispered softly to the filly. The foal did not mind her new name. She was accepting of change. It was to be the beginning of a strange and wonderful life.

In the morning, the rays of sunlight drifted in through the small cracks in the cave. The young girl took clays of different colors and painted the images of the night before on the walls of the cave. Magical Night Mares, bold Eclipse, fearless Lightning and the rest of the herd came to life on the walls in front of her. The colors of the earth became the colors of the horses. She created from her love and her compassion. She knew not all humans could understand her love, but she believed and hoped that this cave would become a standing reminder for all time. She looked at the young horse beside her and made a pledge for life. "I offer my heart to your heart. Let them beat as one. Let me run freely with you. We can chase the wind together. I am your sister and protector."

A New Era

The morning sun brought newfound happiness to the herd. In the calm of safety, a newborn foal joined them. The arrival of a young, black foal that looked out of his eyes with the same defiance as his father was rejoiced. He was welcomed by the herd as a reminder of new life and hope in the face of the evening before. He was strong from the moment of birth and independent like no other foal. He left the comforting side of his mother, Moonrock, an appaloosa mare, to investigate the black, powerful stallion. They sniffed each other and instantly recognized a part of each other in themselves. In the spirit of the foal's independence, they named him Freedom. He galloped and whinnied a high-pitched squeal and kicked at the wind. His wild whinny sang to the grass and the hills above.

The dark brown foal and the girl also started their new life that morning. Their life was simple and happy. They played wildly together, galloped in the fields, rolled in the dust and grew older together. Sky would sleep outside with Wild Heart on a warm evening, soaking up the night air. She would stare into the vast black night above her and look into the lights and know she belonged. She was underneath a big comforting blanket of magic. She would sleep peacefully under the stars and the moon many nights, dreaming of the Night Mares. She did not see the sky as something separate from the land. She knew, somehow, it was all connected. As big and far away as it seemed, she felt if she reached out and made her as big as she could be, she could touch the stars. After all, she had reached out and touched her dream. Anything is possible.

The horse and the girl grew up and lived many happy years together. They passed on their message of love and hope for generations to come. She taught her family and her clan to accept horses in a magical new way, no longer as hunters, but as friends. Sky would walk out into the fields of the long grass with Wild Heart and re-unite her for moments with the herd and her mother Lightning. Quiet grazing and a soft nuzzle would fill the moment with a tenderness that made the sun above them smile. Sky was finally allowed to walk amongst the wild herd and touch them, one by one, accepted and loved by all. Harmony existed between the wild and the tamed.

Nearby, the wild herd lived through seasons of life, loss, and change. In the wild, the strong survive and take their place as leaders. Foals grow older, leave their herd and form bands of their own. Man and horse evolve and change. The Night Mares watch over an aging Eclipse and help him through his life's journey and quest. The legend and the legacy of the ancient legend continue.

There is always hope, and there are always dreams to be answered. In an ancient cave, on a far away hill, the drawings of the Night Mares remain as a reminder to us all. It is the cave’s destiny to be found and one day tell the story to a new generation of hope.


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